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    It takes money to maintain a long, comfortable and financially secure retirement. But you don’t need to count your penny’s and sacrifice the lifestyle you want. The solution is right under your roof! Give us a call and we will educate you on reverse mortgages. With a good understanding, you can make good decisions.

    Reverse Mortgage Interest Rate Options for HECM and Jumbo

    The new monthly adjusting CMT (Constant Maturities Treasury Index) is now available in all states. Enjoy the current low variable interest rates with a 5 point lifetime cap above the start rate for the monthly adjusting option.   This option is very popular as a line of credit or monthly payment (tenure or term) option is available and borrower’s have access to full principal limit on the second year. 

    The fixed rate option offers an interest rate that does not change over the life of the loan. The expected interest rate has a direct impact on the amount available to the borrower. Contact Maggie for current rates.

    Happy Reverse Mortgage LadyLet me explain how the amount available to the reverse mortgage borrower is calculated.  There are three factors involved in the reverse mortgage calculation:  1: Age of youngest borrower 2: home value or maximum claim amount (current maximum is $970,800) and 3: expected interest rate.  The expected rate is used for calculation purposes as an indication of what rates are expected to be over a longer period of time.  The accrual rate uses the CMT or Constant Maturity Treasury index.  The index is added to your margin and determines the interest rate charged on the outstanding reverse mortgage loan balance.  But the expected rate determines how much you will receive from the reverse mortgage or HECM.

    Jumbo reverse mortgage interest rates are fixed with a lump sum draw and also variable rate options that provide a line of credit.  We will provide detailed quotes so you can select the best rate option for you.

    Read the customer reviews in the sidebar to find out what her clients have to say about their experience working with us. Seniors can rest assured they have made the right choice for their Reverse Mortgage Originator.