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    It takes money to maintain a long, comfortable and financially secure retirement. But you don’t need to count your penny’s and sacrifice the lifestyle you want. The solution is right under your roof! Give us a call and we will educate you on reverse mortgages. With a good understanding, you can make good decisions.

    Client Testimonials

    Testimonials about how reverse mortgages worked for our clients:

    Read testimonials on how reverse mortgages have assisted older homeowners including varioussuccess stories and on the service we provide.

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    How Reverse Mortgages have worked for clients:

    “The beauty of this reverse mortgage is that now I can spend the rest of my life in my home. What more can anyone ask for?” Edward J.

    “We decided to turn the equity into something that could better our financial situation.”Mary & Joseph C.

    “The reverse mortgage may not be the right option for everyone, but it certainly was the best thing for us.” Mr. & Mrs. Brazil

    “At first, I was having trouble wrapping my brain around it (reverse mortgages), but now I recommend them to my friends.” Marlene A.

    “I sold my larger home, paid off a mortgage I couldn’t afford and purchased a new home with a mortgage that was very affordable…. no payments at all!” Casey S.

    “Now, I can finally pursue my passions.” Katheryn K.

    “You can’t just look at the costs, you have to look at the whole picture and decide whether it’s right for you.” Lamu M.

    “I’m glad I got a reverse mortgage, I have piece of mind now.” Roberta D.

    “The reverse mortgage has provided us with a great deal of stability and lets me sleep at night.” Dawn and John B.

    “The reverse mortgage has been a real security blanket for us.” Linda and Ralph W.


    Reverse Mortgage Client Testimonials about our Service: TOP

    “I certainly appreciate your interest and kindness, and I know why Rob Black thinks so highly of you now. You come across as a good friend to people, and that is so refreshing in a time when so many think otherwise, and act otherwise. Thank you, Allaire”

    “I am more than happy with my reverse mortgage and the super job you and your staff did for me.” Virginia G.

    “We really appreciate your going the ‘extra mile’ for us.” Betty & Joseph

    “The whole reverse mortgage process was a very pleasant experience, thank you for all your help and information.” Janette P.

    “A great big thank you! You are a staff to be commended!” Roberta D.

    “Thank you for The least time consuming, easiest application and fulfillment mortgage procedure I have ever experienced. You friendliness, knowledge and expertise made it possible for me to finally fulfill my wish to retire while remaining solvent at the same time.” Carolyn C.

    “Thank you for your prompt attention and cordial response to every piece of minutiae I managed to come up with. You, your company and your services came highly recommended by a former co-worker of mine and I add my own recommendation to his without hesitation.” Martha Y.

    “You made my reverse mortgage process a painless one! I will gladly refer you to anyone I know that has similar needs.” Everene P.

    “In a time when there are so many obvious thieve, highbinders and idiots loose in America’s business world it is a pleasure to take note of a firm that is people by those who are as competent and pleasant to deal with as you are.” Gilbert C.

    “It is very easy to see that, in terms of both service and cost, Maggie O’Connell was the clear choice.” Anne G.

    “My experience with Maggie O’Connell was very professional and everything clearly explained and every question answered. I would recommend RM Store to anyone thinking about a Reverse Mortgage.” Robert C.

    “Your thoroughness in walking us through all the details and your immediate responses to our questions to you gave us unsurpassed confidence in you and your company.” Herbert & Madeline S.

    “I needed the Reverse Mortgage but at the same time I was very scared to do the transaction. You were always very calm, pleasant, understand and helpful – and never pushy. Thank you.” Hana B.

    “Thank you for your courtesy and professionalism in assisting me. You were always available to assist with any question and problem I might have, and I can’t think of anything that was not resolved to my satisfaction.” Elizabeth C.

    “We were extremely pleased with your service. You answered all of our questions when we called. Thanks Again” Dale & Mae M.

    “I have only one comment to make about you – first class all the way.” T. L C.


    Reverse Mortgage Success Stories TOP

    ‘Mr. & Mrs. W. could hardly believe the home they paid $23,000 in 1962 was now worth $550,000. But they didn’t feel rich. They are one couple of many who are”house-rich and cash poor”.They were unable to keep up with general maintenance on their home which limited the property from appreciating even more. Also, they were living day to day struggling to pay their bills and spending money only on necessities.They funded a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) that established a monthly income for the rest of their lives.They viewed their home as an investment that had matured.And they liked the idea that they could sell the home at any time, pay off the mortgage and have plenty of equity for future needs.’

    ‘L & H have lived in their home over 35 years and had heard of reverse mortgages for some time. They were living on their retirement income that took care of their needs but did not allow for extras. Their plan was to use the money from the reverse mortgage to fix up their home and have a credit line available. We were getting close to the end of the loan process when Mr. H called me and asked what day funds would be available as he was ordering tickets to surprise his wife with a cruise to Alaska. A few months later I received a postcard with a picture of a cruise ship in Alaska with a message from the happy couple.’

    ‘Betty loves her home, close local friends and wonderful neighbors in her neighborhood. But she was facing a decision because her savings had depleted and she was spending more than her monthly income, mainly because of payments she was making on an existing mortgage. She was considering selling her highly appreciated home and moving to a retirement community out of the area. It was upsetting for her to think of leaving her home where she was happy and comfortable. Just the thought of packing up her belongings was upsetting. Betty’s grandson did some research and presented her with options that included a reverse mortgage. After carefully looking at all of her options, she decided to get a reverse mortgage and was able to pay off her regular mortgage and eliminate mortgage payments completely. An added bonus was a lower interest rate on the new reverse mortgage loan. There were additional funds available to take care of much needed repairs on her home. Betty is not worrying about how to pay the bills now and feels proud of what she has done to protect her most valuable asset, her home.’

    ‘Mary was in a very grave situation. She was about to lose her home through foreclosure. How she got into that situation is not of importance here. But how she got out was through a quick and coordinated effort from everyone involved in her reverse mortgage loan transaction. She was just two weeks from the scheduled sale date of her home by the foreclosing lender when she contacted us. We were able to pay off her existing mortgage just in time and she is able to live in her home for the rest of her life with no payments to make. After the close Mary said she went out and hugged her house. She said she would have been out in the street if not for the reverse mortgage.’

    ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith were doing fine living off their retirement funds. Then PG & E dividends stopped, interest rates on CD’s kept dropping and stock funds were depleted. Their best investment turned out to be their home that had appreciated in value dramatically, especially in the last 5-6 years. They were able to supplement their income with a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage.’